Using custom attributes, you can create dynamic Wi-Fi profiles in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch that allow you to configure device Wi-Fi settings across smart groups and OGs without creating multiple profiles. The custom attributes can use device-side values or override device values with a specific value.

This feature works best when managing many different Wi-Fi networks across your mobile fleet. When updating the access credentials for all your Wi-Fi networks, import a batch of custom attributes (using the .csv batch import process). Using the Device Custom Attribute Values template, you can upload specific values to individual devices. This process allows you to update the credentials across your mobile fleet quickly without having to create hundreds of different Wi-Fi profiles.

Dynamic Wi-Fi profiles allow you to specify certain text boxes in the profile as a dynamic value. For example, the Service Set Identifier can be set to a dynamic value so devices can use their own value as opposed to one service set identifier per profile. If you have devices in one OG that use different Wi-Fi credentials, use dynamic Wi-Fi profiles to create one profile that configures the different settings required.

To use a custom attribute in your Wi-Fi Profile, enable the check box next to a text box. Enabling the text box allows you to select the custom attribute, enter a default value, and set the default value to override device values for the attribute.

For more information on custom attributes and instructions for creating them, see Custom Attributes Overview.