Windows 10 devices enrolled through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or OOBE are MDM managed by default. To allow Windows devices to enroll without MDM management, you can enable registered mode (unmanaged) for an entire organization group or with smart groups and specific criteria.

Registered mode supports the listed enrollment methods.
  • Staging Users
    • Command line staging
    • Manual device staging
    • Silent enrollment parameters and values
  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Windows with SAML authentication

Enable registered mode by organization groups or by smart groups. When you use smart groups, group devices for registered mode by OS version, platform, ownership type, or users.

With registered mode enrollment, users can use a subset of Workspace ONE services without MDM management including Workspace ONE Assist, VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel, Digital Experience Employee Management (DEEM), and Workspace ONE Hub Services.


  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM console, select the organization group to be enabled with registered mode enrollment and navigate to Devices > Devices Settings > Device & Users > General > Enrollment > Management Mode.
  2. For Current Setting, select Override.
  3. For Windows, select Enabled.
  4. Select Enabled for All Windows devices in this Organization Group.
  5. Optionally, you can add smart groups that are enabled for registered moded enrollments in Windows Smart Groups.
  6. Save your settings.


Users with Windows devices from the configured smart group or the specified organization group can use product capabilities without MDM management. Device information and management capabilities from with the console are limited. Only the relevant profiles are installed on these devices.