Create a Proxy profile to configure a proxy server for your Windows Desktop devices. These settings do not apply to VPN connections.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Profiles > Add and select Add Profile.
  2. Select Windows and then select Windows Desktop.
  3. Select Device Profile.
  4. Configure the profile General settings.
  5. Select the Proxy profile and configure the settings:
    Settings Description
    Automatically Detect Settings Enable to have the system automatically try to find the path to a proxy auto-config (PAC) script.
    Use Setup Script Enable to enter the file path to the PAC script.
    Script Address Enter the file path to the PAC script.

    This option displays when Use Setup Script is enabled.

    Use Proxy Server Enable to use a static proxy server for Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections. This proxy server is used for all protocols. These settings do not apply to VPN connections.
    Address to Proxy Server Enter the proxy server address. The address must follow the format: <server>[“:”<port>].
    Exceptions Enter any addresses that should not use the proxy server. The system will not user the proxy server for these addresses. Separate enteries with a semicolon (;).
    User Proxy for Local (Intranet) Addresses Enable to use the proxy server for local (intranet) addresses.
  6. Select Save And Publish.