Windows Desktop devices contain multiple attributes such as hardware, OS, certificates, patches, apps, and more. With Sensors, you can collect data for these attributes using the Workspace ONE UEM console. Display the data in Workspace ONE Intelligence and in Workspace ONE UEM.

Sensors Description

Devices have a huge number of attributes associated with them. This number increases when you track the different apps, OS versions, patches, and other continually changing variables. It can be difficult to track all of these attributes.

Workspace ONE UEM tracks a limited number of device attributes by default. However with Sensors, you can track the specific device attributes you want. For example, you can create a sensor that tracks the driver details for a mouse driver, the warranty information for the OS, and the registry value for your internal apps. Sensors allow you to track various attributes across your devices.

Find Sensors in the main Workspace ONE UEM console navigation under Resources.

Workspace ONE UEM Options

  • Sensors Triggers - When configuring Sensors, you can control when the device reports the sensor data back to the Workspace ONE UEM console with triggers. You can schedule these triggers based on the Windows Sample Schedule or specific device events such as login and logout.
  • Added PowerShell Scripts - The PowerShell script you create determines the value of each sensor. For examples of what scripts you can create, see PowerShell Script Examples for Sensors.
  • Device Details > Sensors - You can see data for single devices on the Sensors tab in a device's Device Details page.
    The configuration Device State must be enabled in your data center so that Workspace ONE UEM can display Sensors data for devices on the Sensors tab. Workspace ONE UEM enables this configuration for SaaS customers.
    Note: Workspace ONE UEM is working on a solution for on-premises environments, but until this solution is created, the Sensors tab is not available in Device Details for on-premises deployments.

Workspace ONE Intelligence Options

If you use the Workspace ONE Intelligence service, you can run a report or create a dashboard to view and interact with the data from your Sensors. When you run reports, use the Workspace ONE UEM category, Device Sensors. You can find your sensors and select them for queries in reports and dashboards. For details on how to work in Workspace ONE Intelligence, access VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Products.