Out of Box Experience (OOBE) enrollment automatically enrolls a device into the correct organization group as part of the initial setup and configuration of a Windows 10 device.

Important: The OOBE enrollment flow does not support Enterprise Wipe. If you perform an enterprise wipe, users cannot log into the device as connection to Azure AD has been broken. You must create a local admin account before sending an Enterprise Wipe or you will be locked out of the device and forced to reset the device.


The OOBE process can take some time to complete on end-user devices. Consider enabling the progress display for the install status. This display allows end users to know where they are in the process. To enable the display, navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > General > Enrollment > Optional Prompt. To display the status of profiles during enrollment, you must enabled the Track Profile Status during OOBE Provisioning option in the General profile settings.
An animated GIF displaying the Out of Box Experience Progress Display in action


  1. Power on the device and follow the steps to configure Windows until you reach the Choose how you'll connect screen.
  2. Select Join Azure AD. Select Continue.
  3. Enter your Azure AD/Workspace ONE UEM email address as the Work or school account.
  4. Enter your Password. Select Sign In.
  5. Ensure that the Welcome to AirWatch screen displays. Select Continue.
  6. Select Accept if terms of use are enabled.
  7. Select Join to confirm that you want to enroll in Workspace ONE UEM.
  8. Select Finish to complete joining your device to Workspace ONE UEM. Your device now downloads the applicable policies and profiles.

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