Workspace ONE UEM supports reviewing and approving OS and OEM updates for Windows 10 devices. The Device Updates page lists all updates available for Windows 10 devices enrolled in the selected organization group.


Find the available Device Updates in Resources > Device Updates. This page lists updates for Windows and OEM Updates.


From the Windows tab, you can approve updates and assign the updates to the specific smart groups as meets your business needs. This tab displays all updates with their published date, platform, classification, and assigned group. Only the updates available for the Windows 10 devices enrolled in the selected organization group (OG) display. If you do not have any Windows 10 devices enrolled in the OG, no updates display.

Selecting the update name displays a window with detailed information, a link to the Microsoft KB page for the update, and the status of the update installation.

For more information on reviewing and approving Windows updates for installation on your Windows 10 devices, see Approve Windows Updates. This process requires that you publish a Windows Update profile to devices with Require Update Approval enabled.

The update installation status shows the deployment of the update across your devices. See the status of the update deployment by selecting the update in the list or selecting View in the Installed Status column.

Table 1. Windows Device Updates Status Explanations
Status Descriptions
Assigned The update is approved and assigned to the device.
Approved The approved update is successfully assigned to the device.
Available The update is available on the device for installation.
Pending Installation The installation is approved and available but not yet installed.
Pending Reboot Installation is paused until the device reboots.
Installed The update successfully installed.
Failed The updated failed to install.

OEM Updates

From this tab, you can see all OEM updates deployed to your Windows Desktop devices. You can order the list view by name, level, type, and device category. You can also filter the displayed updates with filters including audio drivers, chipset drivers, BIOS updates, and more.

See the installation status of the update deployment by selecting the update name.

Fore more information on pushing OEM updates to devices, see Configure the OEM Updates Profile (Windows Desktop)