Enrolled Zebra Printers Status

Zebra printers that are enrolled with Workspace ONE UEM are listed in the printer management dashboard. There are a number of functions that can be performed from the dashboard.


The Printer management dashboard of the UEM console enables you to monitor and manage all enrolled Zebra printers. The dashboard selections are displayed by navigating to Devices > Printers.

Selections Description
List View Contains a list of high-level information about your entire zebra printer deployment, including graphs depicting quantities of specific models and historic data on when printers were last seen, as well as a list of deployed printers, when it was last seen, its type and model, and the Organization Group in which it resides.
Alerts Displays a list of printer-specific event data including the Friendly Name of the affected device, Sample Time, Transmit Time, Alert Type, Alert Data, Condition, and Severity.
Printer Settings Provides links to printer-specific configuration dashboards where you can create and manage profiles, as well as upload files for deployment. You can also create and manage your Zebra Print Server.
Device Details

You can view the data specific to an individual Zebra printer by selecting the device’s Friendly Name from either the List View or Alerts dashboard. This launches the Device Details page for the printer.

The Device Details page contains the tabs mentioned in the table, along with the tabs that depict the payloads that can be configured from Printer Profilespage, such as Device, WiFi and so on.

Tabs Description
Alerts Displays a list of alerts generated by the device.
Profiles Displays a list of printer profiles deployed to the device.
Files Displays a list of files deployed to the device.

You can also perform administrative actions directly by selecting More drop-down menu on the top-right of the Device Details page.

Actions Description
Device Query Returns the most up-to-date device data available to the UEM console.
Soft Reset Reboots the Zebra printer.
Factory Reset Removes all Workspace ONE UEM profiles and files and restore all settings to factory default.
Configuring Sample Schedule

You can configure sample schedule in the UEM console to permit the printers to perform automated check-ins to Workspace ONE UEM at scheduled intervals. The automated check-ins help Workspace ONE UEM to manage printers effectively by getting the printer status at regular intervals. Sample Schedule is configured at Organization Group level. Increasing the check-in frequency can impact performance. You can test different schedules to understand the check-in frequency that suitable for your environment. This helps you to configure sample schedule without impacting performance.

To configure sample schedule:

  1. Log in to the UEM console and navigate to Groups & Settings > Settings > Devices & Users > Peripherals > Sample Schedule.
  2. In the Device Details Sample, select the value text box and enter a desired numerical value. You can also select to increase or decrease the entered value.
  3. Select the type drop-down menu and then select minutes, hours, or days. The option you select applies to the numerical value entered in the value text box. Sample schedule runs at the interval you set.
  4. Select the Child Permission option as per your requirement and select Save.