After enrolling the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, the application defaults to a My Device screen. Here you can view real-time information about your device, sync the device, re-enroll the device, and read messages that have been sent from the UEM console.

The Self Service Enabled check box must be selected in the Hub Settings in the UEM console to see all the status information.

Note: If the Disable Un-enroll Hub option is not checked in Hub Settings, select Un-enroll Device before re-enrolling with the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub v4.9.2.

My Device Functionality

  • Tap the Status menu to view various statuses and self-service diagnostic options:
    • Sync Device – Tap this action to send a request to resync the device with the UEM console.
    • Current Status – Use the menus to find information about enrollment, re-enroll the device, view accounts, and compliance.

    • Diagnostics – Use these menus to test connectivity, view Internet access, connectivity issues, server information, and view and send Hub and Device logs.
  • Tap the Device Details menu to view various status options:
    • Network – View network adapters and IP addresses.
    • Advanced – Use these menus to find information about the device's battery, memory, and disk space.
    • Location– View GPS coordinates for your device for the current and previous time periods
    • iBeacon – View the name of the iBeacon region. If iBeacon is configured but location data is not configured, then the device displays only the iBeacon area. If iBeacon and location data are enabled, then the device displays the iBeacon region and the map with the location on the device.
  • Use the dock at the bottom of the screen to find additional information including:
    • Messages– Read notifications from the UEM console. For example, you may receive notifications in the message center to complete a required compliance check to ensure that your device can be successfully monitored.
    • About – Find information about the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application and legal information.