Configure initiative-specific settings using a template. Then create a Patient Care template to push to patients. For example, you can create a Clinical Collaboration template to push to a user group of doctors and a user group of nurses.


Consider creating your User Groups before you begin this process.


  1. Navigate to Hub > Industry Templates > List View > Add Template. An Add Template window appears.
  2. Select the appropriate Industry category. A Getting Started with Industry Templates window appears.
    1. If you want to select another industry and pick different initiatives, select Choose Another Industry at the bottom of the window to override the current industry if needed.
  3. Choose the business initiative to configure and select Setup.
  4. Select Next after reviewing the template overview. A new window appears where you can customize the template.
  5. Set the Friendly Name that appears in the UEM console.
  6. Choose what Applications to push to your users by selecting and deselecting apps. All the seeded apps are recommended and pre-selected by default. Alternatively, select Add App to search the app store for public applications or to upload internal applications.
    1. Choose More Options to push the application in Auto mode or On-Demand and create a custom Application Configuration to enter the key value pairs.
      If you choose the Mobile In Store Experience template and select VMware Browser in single app mode, configure the URL before pushing the template to devices by navigating to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Browser > Mode >  Home Page URL. These devices must be configured in supervised mode.
  7. Review Policies that apply to the selected template.
  8. Assign Users or user groups for deployment, or create users. Directory services must already be configured to add directory users. If a new user or group is created, it appears on the Accounts > List View page in UEM console, even if the industry template is not yet deployed.
  9. Select Next after confirming your selections.
  10. Select Publish. The new template creates a smart group to which all apps, profiles, policies, users, and user groups are assigned. The new template now appears in the Industry Templates > List View.
    Consider assigning one template to one group of devices, so that only one business initiative is assigned to each device. However, if you assign more than one template to the same group, then all the apps from both templates install and the most restrictive policies are sent to the device.