Workspace ONE UEM enables administrators to deploy a custom XML command to managed Apple devices. Custom commands allow more granular control over your devices.

Use custom commands to support device actions that the UEM console does not currently support. Do not use custom commands to send commands that exist in the UEM console as Device Actions. Samples of XML code you can deploy as custom commands are available in the Workspace ONE UEM Knowledge Base at

Important: Improperly formed or unsupported commands can impact the usability and performance of managed devices. Test the command on a single device before issuing custom commands in bulk.


  1. In the UEM console, navigate to Devices > List View.
  2. Select one or more macOS or iOS devices using the check boxes in the left column.
  3. Select the More Actions drop-down and select Custom Commands. The Custom Commands dialogue box opens.
  4. Enter the XML code for the action you want to deploy and select Send to deploy the command to devices.

    Browse XML code for Custom Commands on the Workspace ONE UEM Knowledge Base at

    If the Custom Command does not run successfully, delete the command by navigating to Devices > List View. Select the device to which you assigned the custom command. In the Device Details View, select More > Troubleshooting > Commands. Select the Command you want to remove, and then select Delete. The Delete option is only available for Custom Commands with a Pending status.