View the snapshot of the list of latest or active iOS updates available from Apple for all your managed and eligible devices.

Navigate to the Resources > Device Updates > iOS page to view the available OS updates and other related details, including:
  • Update – Name of the update.
  • Version – Version of the update.
  • Release Date – Date when the update is released.
  • Expiration Date – Date when the update expires.
  • Update Status – Status of the iOS update if available or not available from Apple.
  • Assignments – Number of assignments applied to an update.
  • Assignment Status – Status of the assignments applied to the update such as Assigned, Not Assigned, or Paused.
Note: The list of iOS update details is pulled from the Apple using the Sync Device Updates scheduler job at the specified interval which runs at an interval of 6-24 hours (that pulls data from Apple).
Select an OS Update from the Device Updates > iOS page to view additional information. The Details section shows the details of the OS update (such as version details, supported devices and so on). The graphs beneath the Details section, shows:
  • Device Readiness – Provides information related to the update and the devices enrolled at the organization group and below. This includes devices that are eligible to receive the update, devices that are not eligible to receive the update (e.g. unsupervised, incompatible hardware, etc.), devices that are on higher version, or devices already on the selected version.
  • Device Status – Provides information on the status of the iOS update on the assigned, eligible devices. This includes the devices that downloaded the update, installed the update, or failed with a specified error code.
  • Devices – The table shows the status of the iOS updates on eligible and non-eligible devices that are triggered from an assignment.

Updates to the devices are assigned using Smart Groups with preferred deployment parameters by selecting Manage Assignments. For more information on assignment, refer Assign OS Updates.