You can access the logs from the console to review both Hub and relevant system logs to aid in troubleshooting issues on the device. The Request Device Log dialog box allows you to customize your logging request for macOS devices with Hub 20.05+ installed.

Request Device Logs from the Console


  • Intelligent Hub 20.05 installed.
  • Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices and Users > General > Privacy.
    In Current Setting, you have the following menu items:
    • Collect and Display.
    • Collect Do Not Display.
    • Do Not Collect.
  • Scroll down to Request Device Log. By default, Collect and Display is selected.
Note: Employee-owned devices are not allowed to be selected due to privacy concerns.
  1. Navigate to Devices > Details View.
  2. Select a macOS device from the list and then navigate to More Actions > Request Device Log.
  3. In the Request Intelligent Hub Logs page, customize the log settings.
    Setting Description
    Type Determine the type of the logs to be included. (Snapshot or Timed).
    • Snapshot - Select Snapshot to retrieve the latest log records available from devices immediately. Multiple log files will be sent to Workspace ONE UEM in the form of a ZIP file.
      Note: If you have selected Snapshot, the option Level is not available. By default, the Level is set to Info.
    • Timed - Select Timed to collect a rolling log over a specified period. Multiple log files will be sent to Workspace ONE UEM in the form of a ZIP file.
      • The option Level (Info or Debug) is available.
      • Select the Duration for the log collection from the drop-down menu.
    Level Determine the level of details to be included in the log (Info or Debug).
    • Info - Select Info to collect the logs in their default state.
    • Debug - Select Debug to enable additional advanced verbose logging.
    If you want to stop the debug logging before the Timer is over, and request the logs immediately, navigate to Device Details View > More Actions > Stop Debug Logging
    Request User Consent Select Enabled to request user consent for collecting logs and system files.

    The privacy prompt contains the information about the data collected in the logs and it requires the user acceptance before the logs are transmitted.

    To know more about the data collected during the log collection such as device info, crash details, install logs, see VMware Workspace ONE UEM Device-Side Logging in VMware Workspace ONE UEM Troubleshooting and Logging .

  4. Select Save.
  5. To review the log files, navigate to Device Details > More > Attachments > Documents.

Request Device Logs from Intelligent Hub

To require the user consent whenever the user sends logs, navigate to Settings > Device and Users >Apple macOS > Intelligent Hub and Settings > Show user Privacy Prompt for log collection and Enabled and Save the settings.

  • To retrieve the detailed logs from corporate-owned macOS devices and view them in the console, navigate to Intelligent Hub > Help and click Collect and Send Logs.
  • To request the debug log on the device, click Debug Session > Start Session.
    Note: It collects the debug logs for specific amount of time and displays the time remaining.
  • If you want to end the session, select End Session.
    Note: If you select Show in Finder, it allows you to see the logs locally in a ZIP file that can be used to troubleshoot. If you select Send, it allows you to send the logs to console.