Sensor data can be viewed in the Workspace ONE UEM console in Device Details > Sensors tab. The configuration Device State must be enabled in your data center so that Workspace ONE UEM can display Sensors data for devices on the Sensors tab. Workspace ONE UEM enables this configuration for SaaS customers.

Note: Workspace ONE UEM is working on a solution for on-premises environments, but until this solution is created, the Sensors tab is not available in Device Details for on-premises deployments.


  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM console, navigate to Device > Details View and select the Sensors tab.

    The following details are displayed in the Sensors tab:

    • Name - Name of the Sensor.
    • Value - Value reported by the device.
    • Last executed date - The timestamp for when the Sensor value was collected.
  2. You can also view information about Sensors execution in Details View > Troubleshooting. In the event log filters, select Sensors.
    Note: This is seen only if the event log level is set to capture information or debug messages.