You can configure settings specific to the macOS Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and its impact on the installed device through the UEM console.


  1. From the UEM console, navigate to Devices > Device & Users > Apple > Apple macOS > Intelligent Hub Settings.
  2. Click the Override radio button to enable setting modification, if necessary.
  3. Configure the Hub settings:
    Table 1. General
    Setting Description
    Download Latest Version Download the latest version of the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
    Install Hub after Enrollment Enable or disable the option to automatically install the Hub on devices after enrollment through Apple Business Manager's DEP or Web enrollment.
    Check-in Interval Enter the frequency for the Hub to check in with the server to receive new commands.
    Data Sample Interval Enter the frequency for the Hub to scan devices to collect data such as product provisioning status, disk encryption status, custom attributes, GPS location, and other basic system information.
    Data Transmit Interval Enter the frequency for the Hub to send data samples to the Hub UEM server.
    Uninstall Privileges Enable or disable the option to provide end users the ability to uninstall the Hub application from their devices.
    Note: The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub file for the macOS devices is distributed through the Device Services (DS) server. If the Content Delivery Network (CDN) is configured, then the Hub file is distributed through the CDN.
  4. Click Save.