Bootstrap packages allow you to make your end users' devices usable sooner after the device enrolls than a traditional enrollment. Once you have created a bootstrap package, you must deploy the package to your devices.


You must create bootstrap packages before you deploy them. There are several tools available that can create a package for use in the Bootstrap Package functionality. For more information, see Custom Bootstrap Packages for Device Enrollment.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Apps > Internal > Add Application.
  2. Upload a .pkg file that meets these requirements:
    1. Package must be signed with an Apple Developer ID Installer certificate.
    2. Package must be a distribution package.
      For more information about the bootstrap package requirements, see Custom Bootstrap Packages for Device Enrollment.
  3. Select Continue and modify the items in the Details tab and the Images tab if necessary.
  4. Select Save & Assign, and then select Add Assignment to configure the App Delivery Method.

    By default, the App Delivery Method is set to Auto. In this configuration, the assigned bootstrap package will only install on newly-enrolled devices.

    To install the bootstrap package on enrolled devices, select On Demand. On-Demand package deployments require you to manually push the package to devices.

    To manually deploy a bootstrap package to enrolled devices, navigate to Applications > Internal Apps > List View. Select the package you want to assign to open the Application Details. Use the Devices tab to select devices to push the package to.