To use Kiosk mode effectively, enable additional profiles in the UEM console.

Safari browsing

Configure profiles to control web browsing. Create a content filter within the Parental Controls profile and a list of allowed websites. These sites show up as Bookmarks in the Safari browser.

Optionally, use the Global HTTP Proxy profile to limit network access.


Customize a Restrictions profile to match your control Preferences, widgets and more.

Apply Media restrictions to prevent mounting of external drives. This prohibits USB or external storage devices from connecting and transferring files. Additionally, disable AirDrop functionality.

Apply Desktop restrictions to lock wallpaper on the desktop and allow for the configuration of default wallpaper

Time Limits and Schedules

Create a device curfew in the Parental Controls profile to limit use to operating hours.


Accommodate all users by configuring settings for enhanced vision, hearing, and keyboard and mouse interactions to further improve the usability of the kiosk.