Perform common device actions with the action button cluster including Query, Send, Lock, and other actions accessed through the More Actions button.

Device Details Action Button Cluster

Note: Available Device Actions vary by device model, enrollment status and type, and the specific configuration of your Workspace ONE UEM console. For more information on full listing of remote actions that you can invoke using the UEM console, refer VMware Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Device Management Guide.

Run commands remotely to individual (or bulk) devices in your fleet. Each of the following device actions and definitions represents remote commands that you can invoke from the UEM console.

  • Add Tag – Assign a customizable tag to a device, which can be used to identify a special device in your fleet.
  • Apps (Query) – Send an MDM query command to the device to return a list of installed apps.
  • Certificates (Query) – Send an MDM query command to the device to return a list of installed certificates.
  • Change Organization Group – Change the device's home organization group to another pre-existing OG. Includes an option to select a static or dynamic OG.
  • Change Ownership – Change the Ownership setting for a device, where applicable. Choices include Corporate-Dedicated, Corporate-Shared, Employee Owned and Undefined.
  • Delete Device – Delete and unenroll a device from the console. Sends the enterprise wipe command to the device that gets wiped on the next check-in and marks the device as Delete In Progress on the console. If the wipe protection is turned off on the device, the issued command immediately performs an enterprise wipe and removes the device representation in the console.
  • Device Information (Query) – Send an MDM query command to the device to return basic information on the device such as friendly name, platform, model, organization group, operating system version and ownership status.
  • DeviceWipe - Send an MDM command to wipe a device clear of all data and operating system. This puts the device in a state where recovery partition will be needed to reinstall the OS. This action cannot be undone.
  • Wipe and Persist Provisioning Data - This option wipes the device but specifies that provisioning data should be backed up to a persistent location. After the wipe executes, the provisioning data is restored and applied to the device. The provisioning folder is saved. You can find the folder by navigating on the device to %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Provisioning.
  • Edit Device – Edit device information such as Friendly Name, Asset Number, Device Ownership, Device Group and Device Category.
  • Enroll – Send a message to the device user to enroll their device. You may optionally use a message template that may include enrollment information such as step-by-step instructions and helpful links. This action is only available on unenrolled devices.
  • Enterprise Wipe – Enterprise Wipe a device to unenroll and remove all managed enterprise resources including applications and profiles. This action cannot be undone and re-enrollment will be required for Workspace ONE UEM to manage this device again. Includes options to prevent future re-enrollment and a Note Description field for you to add any noteworthy details about the action.
    • Enterprise Wipe is not supported for cloud domain-joined devices.
  • Location – Reveal a device's location by showing it on a map using its GPS capability enabled via the macOS Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. Also requires user approval to enable the functionality in macOS System Preferences.
  • Lock Device – Send an MDM command to lock a selected device, rendering it unusable until it is unlocked.
  • Profiles (Query) – Send an MDM query command to the device to return a list of installed device profiles.
  • Query All – Send a query command to the device to return a list of installed apps (including Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, where applicable), books, certificates, device information, profiles and security measures.
  • Reboot Device – Send an MDM command to restart macOS 10.13+ devices remotely. This action reproduces the effect of powering the device off and on again.
  • Security (Query) – Send an MDM query command to the device to return the list of active security measures (device manager, encryption, passcode, certificates, etc.).
  • Send Message – Send a message to the user of the selected device. Choose between Email, Push Notification (through AirWatch Cloud Messaging), and SMS.
  • Start AirPlay – Stream audiovisual content from the device to an AirPlay mirror destination. The MAC address (format "xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" with no case-sensitive) of the destination is required. A passcode can also be specified if required. Scan Time defines the number of seconds (10-300) to spend searching for the destination. Requires macOS 10.10 or greater.
  • Install macOS Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub – Send an MDM command to the device to install the latest seeded macOS Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
  • Managed settings – Managed settings lets you enable or Bluetooth through an MDM command. Requires macOS 10.13.4 or greater.
  • Shut Down – Send an MDM command to shut down macOS 10.13+ devices remotely.
  • Request Device Log - You can retrieve detailed logs related to operations taken by Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub from corporate-owned macOS devices and access them in the console to quickly resolve issues on the devices.

    The Request Device Log option in the UI is available only for enrolled macOS devices with Hub version 20.05 and above installed.

    For more information, see Request Device Logs