You can create a Messages profile to pre-configure end user laptops to use a Jabber or AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) account. Accounts can be authenticated through SSL certificates or Kerberos. The ability to use Messages applies to User Profiles only.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Profiles and select Add. Select Apple macOS, and then select (User Profile) to apply enrollment to the user's device.
  2. Configure the profile's General settings.
  3. Select the Messages payload.
  4. Configure Messages settings for Jabber , including:
    Setting Description
    Account Type Allow user to access either a Jabber or AIM account.
    Account Description Configure a brief description of the profile that indicates its purpose. This option appears if AIM is selected.
    Account Name Enter the name of the account.
    User Name Enter the user name for this account. Use lookup values (for example, {EnrollmentUser} to pull data from the UEM console.
    Password Optionally enter the password required to authenticate the account. Leave it blank to prompt end users to enter their account password.
    Host Name Enter the name of the account server.
    Port Enter the number of the port assigned to the account.
    Use SSL Select this check box to enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) usage for authentication.
    Use Kerberos v5 Select this check box to enable Kerberos v5 usage for authentication.
  5. Select Save & Publish when you are finished to push the profile to devices.