Obtain the MDM profile to prepare to sideload devices.

Do this by using Automated Enrollment functionality to generate an enrollment profile for the desired organization group. Then, enroll devices using the MDM profile for standard or advanced staging. Last, download the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to complete enrollment and authenticate devices.


  1. Configure a Staging user account in the UEM console, if you have not already. This can be a Basic user account you manually create or a Directory user account that is enabled with staging. If configuring Multi-user staging for macOS devices, then choose a Directory user account. For more information on creating users, see Mobile Device Management .
  2. Navigate to Devices > Device Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Automated Enrollment.
  3. Select Enabled for Automated Enrollment. You may need to Override the current organization group to do this.
  4. Choose macOS as the Platform.
  5. Select the Staging Mode drop down menu.
    1. Single user device – Stage the device for one user.
    2. Multi-user device – Stage the device for multiple users.
  6. Choose the Default Staging User.
    1. Only staging users are available as Default Enrollment User options. Later, when staging is completed, the user's device details are updated in the UEM console and the device is associated with that end user.
  7. Select Save and Copy URL  > OK to save the .mobileconfig file that includes the name of the organization group.
  8. Select Export to export the .mobileconfig file. This profile is needed when staging devices.
  9. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Apple macOS > Hub Application and select Download Hub Download to install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
  10. Enroll using a local account and install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. At this time, all profiles are pushed to the device.
  11. Distribute the device to the end user. The end user must log in from the device's Login Window to complete the staging process.