The first step to integrating your Apple TVs with Workspace ONE UEM is to enroll the device. You must enroll your device into your Workspace ONE UEM environment before it can be monitored and managed.


Unlike other devices and platforms, tvOS enrollment does not require the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or access to a web browser on the device itself. However, the tvOS devices should be connected to a secure network to enroll successfully.

If you choose to enroll using Apple DEP, you must have an Apple DEP account.

Connect a tvOS Device to a Network

Begin the enrollment process for your tvOS devices by connecting devices to your network so they can receive enrollment commands. Create a Wi-fi profile to push to your devices if necessary.

For more information, see Connect a tvOS Device to a Network.

Enroll a tvOS Device

To complete the enrollment of a tvOS device, you must configure the specific device you are enrolling using Apple Configurator 2. You need an Apple computer to complete this procedure.

For more information, see Enroll a tvOS Device.

Enroll a tvOS Device Using Apple DEP

Apple TV 4th generation devices running tvOS 10.2 and higher can be enrolled using the Apple Device Enrollment Program. The DEP enrollment simplifies the setup and deployment of enrollment and use profiles.

For more information, see DEP Enrollment for tvOS Devices.