Use the Device Details page to track device information and to access user and device management actions.

You can access the Device Details page by selecting a device's Friendly Name from the Device Search page, from one of the available Dashboards, or by using any of the available search tools with the UEM console.

Use the Device Details menu tabs to access specific device information.

Tab Description
Summary View general statistics such as enrollment status, compliance, last seen, platform/model/OS, organization group, contact information, serial number, Device ID, UDID, asset number, power status, storage capacity, physical memory and virtual memory.
Profiles View all MDM profiles currently installed on a device.
Location View current location or location history of a device.
User Access details about the user of a device as well as the status of the other devices enrolled to this user.

Select More on the main Device Details tab for additional options.

Security View current security status of a device based on security settings.
Restrictions View the types of restrictions that currently apply to the device.
Notes View and add notes regarding the device. For example, note the shipping status or if the device is in repair and out of commission.
Certificates Identify device certificates by name and issuant. This tab also provides information about certificate expiration.
Troubleshooting View event logs to see history of device in relation to MDM, including instances of debug, information and server check-ins.
Alerts View all alerts associated with the device.
Device Registration (iOS) View all restrictions currently applied to a device. This tab also shows specific restrictions by Device, Apps, Ratings and Passcode.
Status History View history of device in relation to enrollment status.
Attachments Add files associated to the device.