You can use Workspace ONE UEM to distribute, track, and manage your internal applications. These are applications built in-house and not hosted on Public App Stores. You can upload the application files directly to Workspace ONE UEM console for deployment. However, if you use an external repository to host your internal applications, then you can easily integrate that host with Workspace ONE UEM, instead of migrating the entire catalog to Workspace ONE UEM

Workspace ONE UEM supports specific file types for internal applications. For some file types, you upload more than one file so that the application works across devices. Find out what file type the system supports and which file types require you to upload multiple files.

Supported File Types for Internal Applications

Note: Ensure that the auxiliary files packaged with the Apple iOS or macOS applications do not have spaces in the names. Spaces can cause issues when you load the application to the console.
Platform File Type
Android APK. For more information, see Deploying Internal Application on Android Devices.
Apple iOS IPA




For more information, see Software Distribution for macOS applications.
Note: You can also use the product provisioning feature to deploy macOS internal applications as DMG, PKG, and APP files.
Windows Desktop
Note: Upload an APPX file, which can be x86, x64, or ARM. However, the APPX installs on only devices that use the same architecture. For example, if you use ARM, Workspace ONE UEM does not queue an installation command for the x64 and x86 architectures. It does not push the application to devices that use x64 or x86 architectures.


Upload an EXE package of Win32 applications for Windows 10.


The MSI file, also called a Windows Installer, is a package that contains everything to install, maintain, and remove the software.


Upload a ZIP package of Win32 applications for Windows 10.

For more information, see Software Distribution of Win32 Applications.

Windows Phone
Note: Upload a single APPX file, which can be x86, x64, or ARM.