You can integrate VMware Tunnel with the VMware NSX to extend security policies from the data center to mobile application endpoints. Integrating Tunnel and NSX enhances network microsegmentation by providing explicit mappings between network segments and mobile apps. By creating policies that dynamically follow mobile applications, you can eliminate complex and time-consuming firewall provisioning.

Integrate Tunnel with NSX to match per-app policies with security groups defined in NSX. This enhances the network and app security by minimizing the attack surface into your network. Complete the following steps to integrate VMware Tunnel with NSX.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > Configurations > VMware Tunnel.
  2. Under the NSX section, select Configure and Enable NSX Integration.
  3. Select your NSX version. Both NSX-V and NSX-T are supported.
  4. Enter the NSX Manager URL. The destination URML must contain the protocol and hostname or IP address.
  5. Enter the Admin Username and Password .
  6. Select Sync with NSX.


Workspace ONE UEM adds the tagged groups to the page after successfully syncing with NSX. You may now assign mobile apps to their appropriate NSX security groups.