You can install Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch onto application servers to meet your deployment needs. The installer handles the Workspace ONE UEM console server components, the Devices Services server components, and API server components. Learn more about installation prep, documentation, and verification of the Workspace ONE UEM installation process.

Workspace ONE UEM Installation Preparation

Installing Workspace ONE UEM requires specific prerequisites and procedures in an on-premises solution. Make sure to meet the prerequisites before proceeding with the installation instructions.

For detailed instructions on preparing for installation, see Installation Preparation Overview.

Database and Application Server Installations

Installing Workspace ONE UEM on premises involves configuring servers for your database, application, and any auxiliary components, and reports. Workspace ONE UEM comprises several different components, which can be combined with application servers or installed on their own dedicated servers.

To begin the database server installation, see Database Server Installation.

To begin the application server installation, see Run the Workspace ONE UEM Installer on Each Application Server (Console and Device Services).

Reports Installation and Storage

Installing Workspace ONE UEM on premises involves installing and configuring reporting functionality for your deployment. After the reporting functionality is set up, you must configure storage for the reports that Workspace ONE UEM generates.

To install and configure reports, see Reports Overview.

Installation Verification

After Workspace ONE UEM is installed and configured, verify that all the components you have installed function properly.

To verify your installation, see Installation Verification Overview.

Next Steps

When your installation is finished, see Workspace ONE UEM Post-Installation Steps for information on running the Workspace ONE Getting Started Wizard.

Recommended Architecture

To review recommended architectures based on your deployment size, refer to the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Recommended Architecture Guide, available at