Learn how to supervise devices with Apple Configurator 1.


  1. Launch Apple Configurator on the staging Mac and select Prepare in the row of icons on top of the Apple Configurator window. The number of devices attached to the staging computer appears in a badge.
  2. Configure Settings:
    1. Name – Choose a naming scheme for the device(s). Enable a sequential number to the name(s) of the device(s) by selecting the checkbox. If you do not want to start at 1, enter a new number in the Name field and then select the checkbox for an updated count.
    2. Supervision – Toggle this switch to On to supervise devices for added MDM functionality.
      Optionally select whether to Allow devices to connect to other Macs.
    3. Organization Info... – Write a brief description of the organization's information to be displayed on the device. For example, if you enter "Workspace ONE UEM" as the Name then the device will display "This iPad/iPhone is supervised by "Workspace ONE UEM" in device settings after configuration.
    4. Update iOS – This option will be grayed out when initially supervising devices.
    5. RestoreDon't restore backup is selected by default. If you have existing backups, select Edit Stored Backup to select an existing device backup to restore to.
      If you choose Don't Restore Backup when you are preparing supervised devices, the device is erased. A backup image must be restored or the device must enable Apple Configurator-based enrollment and supervision.
  3. Configure a Wi-Fi profile to enable Internet connectivity and allow the device to enroll into Workspace ONE UEM. In the Profiles section, select the Add icon (+) and then select Create New Profile. Proceed through the setup assistant, then select or create a new Wi-Fi profile.
    If creating a new Wi-Fi profile, enter General settings, followed by your Wi-Fi network settings to allow the device to connect to your Wi-Fi network and save to create a new profile.

    Ensure the Wi-Fi profile is checked in the Profiles section.

  4. Select the Setup tab to configure options related to how the device is booted. Choose the screens you want to skip during the Setup Assistant when the device is booted.
  5. Next, select the Device Enrollment payload. A dialog displays with a field for your MDM Server URL. Paste the URL you copied from the UEM console.
    (If you need to copy this URL, you can navigate to Devices > Device Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Apple Configurator in the UEM consoleand select Copy next to the MDM Server URL field.)
  6. Select Save.
  7. Connect the device to the Mac with Apple Configurator using a USB cord, or to provision many devices simultaneously, connect with a USB hub or iOS device cart.
  8. Select the Prepare icon at the bottom of the Apple Configurator window to start configuration. This may take several minutes. You can track the progress of each step within Apple Configurator.
  9. When the process completes, the device will display the Welcome message, indicating you can complete the Getting Started steps. Continue through the setup process, which will include connecting to the Wi-Fi network you configured previously, and be sure to select Apply Configuration when prompted.
  10. Verify the device is Supervised by navigating to the General tab within device settings. You should see a message similar to the one below: 
  11. If you pushed the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub as a public app, then it should begin to download and install on the device in a few moments.