Simplify rugged device enrollment in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch through the Enrollment Configuration wizard. This wizard helps you complete each step in creating a staging package for your Android and Windows Rugged devices.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Lifecycle > Staging and select the Configure Enrollment button.
  2. Select the device platform you want.
  3. Select the staging enrollment type.
    The settings you must configure change based on the enrollment type selected.
    • QR Code (Android 7.0 and later only) – Create a QR Code to scan with your Android Work Managed devices to quickly stage the device. The wizard simplifies the configuration process.
    • Barcode (Android 6.x and earlier only) – Create a barcode to scan with your Zebra rugged devices to quickly stage the device. The wizard simplifies the barcode configuration process.
    • Sideload – Download a sideload staging package to automatically configure and enroll a device. For Android devices, this method only supports Android (Legacy) enrollment. Files and commands are transferred to devices through a USB connection.
    • Web (Windows Rugged only) – Configure a Web URL that users can browse to from a device to download a Staging Package that automatically configures and enrolls the rugged device. In this method, users are guided through an enrollment wizard.
  4. Select Configure.