Installing Workspace ONE AirLift involves running the installation file on your server and configuring Workspace ONE UEM and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr).

Retrieve the Workspace ONE UEM REST API Key

Before you configure Workspace ONE AirLift, retrieve the API key from the Workspace ONE UEM console.

  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM console, navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > API > REST API.
  2. Copy the APIserver key for later use.

Install Workspace ONE AirLift

Run the Workspace ONE AirLift executable file on your application server and install Workspace ONE AirLift.


Before you can install Workspace ONE AirLift, you must meet the prerequisites.
  • Meet the Workspace ONE AirLift Prerequisites.
  • Download the Workspace ONE AirLift executable file from My Workspace ONE (


  1. On the application server, navigate to the AirLiftSetup.exe file. Run the executable file. After installing the prerequisites, the Workspace ONE AirLift installer runs.

    This wizard installs the required SQL Server Express 2017 and MongoDB.

  2. Complete the installation wizard.

Connect Workspace ONE AirLift to Workspace ONE UEM, ConfigMgr, and Active Directory

After installingWorkspace ONE AirLift, you must connect the server to the UEM console, ConfigMgr, and Active Directory. The connections required depend on which features you want to use.

  1. Run Workspace ONE AirLift by selecting the Workspace ONE AirLift desktop icon. The icon opens http://localhost:5000 in your default browser.
  2. Configure the Workspace ONE UEM connection information.
    Settings Description
    API URL Enter the URL for your Workspace ONE UEM API service.
    Console Address

    Select Same as API if your console and API service share an address.

    If the Workspace ONE UEM console does not share an address with the API service, select No. Enter the Console URL.

    API Key Enter the API key from the Workspace ONE UEM console.
    User name Enter the user name of the admin account created for Workspace ONE AirLift.
    Password Enter the password for the admin account created for Workspace ONE AirLift.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Configure the ConfigMgr settings.
    Setting Description
    ConfigMgr Server Enter the server address for your ConfigMgr environment.
    Site Code Enter the ConfigMgr Site Code.
    Secure Connection This option is enabled by default. Deactive if you do not have TLS properly configured on your SCCM server.
    Domain Enter the domain of your ConfigMgr server.
    User name Enter the user name of the admin account for Workspace ONE AirLift.
    Password Enter the password for the admin account created for Workspace ONE AirLift.
  5. Configure the Active Directory settings. Enter the domain of your Active Directory in the Active Directory Domain field.
  6. Select Submit.

    Workspace ONE AirLift is now configured.

Schedule Sync

The Schedule Sync option allows you to schedule when Workspace ONE AirLift syncs with ConfigMgr for updates. You can set the schedule to the specific time and day you want.

Navigate to Settings > Schedule Sync to configure these settings.


The Permissions settings allow you to grant additional users either View Only or Admin permissions for Workspace ONE AirLift.

Navigate to Settings > Permissions to configure these settings.

Web Proxy

In situations where your Workspace ONE AirLift server requires different web proxy settings you can change how Workspace ONE AirLift handles the system proxy settings. You can configure Workspace ONE AirLift to use the system-configured proxy settings, bypass the web proxy, or manually configure proxy settings.

The manual proxy server configuration settings only apply to communication with the Workspace ONE UEM API server. Other traffic such as Workspace ONE UEM console, ConfigMgr, and Customer Experience Improvement Program does not use these settings.

To configure the proxy settings, navigate to Settings > Web Proxy. Select the option that applies to you:
  • Use the system-configure proxy server settings (default)
  • Bypass web proxy
  • Manually configure proxy settings
If you manually configure the settings, you must provide the following information:
Setting Description
Web Proxy Host Enter the web proxy host domain name or IP address.
Web Proxy Port Enter the port used for the web proxy.
Use Authentication If your proxy requires authentication select Yes and enter the Username and Password.


If you encounter difficulties with Workspace ONE AirLift, you can simplify troubleshooting using the support bundle feature. The support bundle automatically gathers logs, SQL data, and environment information and creates a ZIP file. You can send this file to Workspace ONE support to facilitate fixing your issue.

The support bundle contains the following information:
  • Collection data from MongoDB
  • Workspace ONE AirLift logs
  • Workspace ONE AirLift environment information, including OS version, environment variables, and so on.
  • SQL data from the following tables:
    • ActiveDirectoryDataSources
    • AirWatchDataSources (no password)
    • AuditLogs
    • SccmDataSources (no password)
    • Settings
    • Tenants
    • TenantSettings
    • WindowsVersions

Navigate to Settings > Support and select Generate Support Bundle to get started.

Customer Experience Improvement Program

Select Join the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program to contribute technical information related to the performance, configuration, and use of Workspace ONE AirLift. Your participation improves and benchmarks our products and services, fixes problems, and helps us to advise customers on the use of our software.

The data is used by VMware and its service providers strictly on an aggregated basis.

Navigate to Settings > Feedback to configure these settings.

Command Line Tools for Workspace ONE AirLift

Command Line Tools for Workspace ONE AirLift allow you to make system administrator changes to your Workspace ONE AirLift service. Use caution when using these tools as they can remove data.

The following tools allow you to complete admin tasks on your Workspace ONE AirLift server.
  • Delete Workspace ONE AirLift data
    • This command line tool allows you to delete all data retrieved and generated after performing a synchronization of Airlift without deleting your existing settings. The tool deletes the data in SQL Server and MongoDB but keeps all configuration data in SQL Server and leaves appsettings.json untouched.
    • Code:
      --delete-data [--force|-f]
    • Example:
      Airlift --delete-data
  • Factory reset Workspace ONE AirLift
    • This command line tool allows you to remove all Workspace ONE AirLift and any existing settings and configurations you have made. The tool deletes the data in SQL Server and MongoDB and restores appsettings.json file with appsettings.json.default.
    • Code:
      --factory-reset [--force|-f]
    • Example:
      Airlift--factory-reset -f
  • Get MongoDB connection string
    • This command line tool allows you to obtain the MongoDB connection string which stores the cache data which Workspace ONE AirLift uses. You can use this connection string to authenticate and access MongoDB manually to read the cached data that Workspace ONE AirLift generated.
    • Code:
    • Example:
      Airlift --get-mongo-connection