The setup page from the Workspace ONE Console facilitates the integration between Workspace ONE UEM and Google for Chrome OS management. Simply enter your Google admin account and you are redirected to Google authorization page to grant permissions.


  1. Enable Chrome Device Management (CDM) API Partner Access for device and user policies under from the Google Admin Console by navigating to Device Management > Chrome Management > Device Settings and Device Management > Chrome Management > User Settings and select the checkbox under the Chrome Management-Partner Access section.
  2. Navigate to Devices > Device Settings > Devices & Users > Chrome OS > Chrome OS EMM Registration in the Workspace ONE console.
    Note: Make sure there is a Group ID assigned to the Organization Group or registration will fail.
  3. Enter the Google Admin Email Address.
  4. Select Register with Google. You are redirected to the Google login page to enter your Google admin email address.

    Ensure you have pop-ups enabled otherwise the Google authorization page will not open.

  5. Select Allow to grant permissions.
  6. Copy Google Authorization Code from Google and paste it into the Google Authorization Code field in the Workspace ONE console.
  7. Select Authorize.
  8. Select Test Connection to ensure the connection between Workspace ONE UEM and Google is established.

    If successful, a green 'Test Connection Successful' message displays.

  9. Select Device Sync which manually syncs new Chrome OS enrollments into them Workspace ONE UEM console.

    Clear Settings appears after registration is complete. If you click this button:

    • Chrome OS device records are cleared.

    • Certificates pushed to Chrome Users or Devices from the console are revoked.

    • The Workspace ONE UEM Extension is removed from your devices. For more information on the UEM extension, see VMware Workspace ONE UEM Extension for Chrome OS.