Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch ™ provides you with a robust set of mobility management solutions for enrolling, securing, configuring, and managing Android devices.

Android (Legacy) refers to the integrating Android devices with Workspace ONE UEM that:

  • Opt out of using Google registration
  • Devices that are unable to communicate with Google Play
  • Android devices running Android 5.0 or lower.

Through the Workspace ONE UEM console, you have several tools and features at your disposal for managing the entire life-cycle of corporate and employee owned devices.

An important part of managing a device fleet is ensuring devices are compliant and secure. You can assign compliance policies and security profiles to specific groups and individuals in your organization. For application integration, you can integrate any of your existing enterprise apps with the AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK) to enhance their functionality. You can also enable end users to perform task themselves through the Self-Service Portal (SSP) and user enrollment, which saves you vital time and resources. Finally, custom reporting tools and a searchable, customizable dashboard make it easy for you to perform ongoing maintenance and management of your device fleet.

Android Name Change

Android for Work was introduced in 2015 to boost enterprise adoption for Android devices. Since that time, Google has worked to implement features in Android for Work available in the majority of Android devices. Starting with Workspace ONE UEM console release v9.4, Workspace ONE UEM has adopted the simplified naming convention. Android for Work has been renamed to Android and is the default deployment method for new enrollments. If you are an existing Workspace ONE UEM customer, you can continue with your Android deployment using Android (Legacy) for managing your device fleet.

This guide covers integrating Workspace ONE UEM with Android (Legacy) Platform.