The AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) must be installed and running for Workspace ONE Express to manage your devices.


  1. Open the installer on the ACC server.
  2. When the Welcome screen appears, select Next.

    The installer verifies prerequisites on your ACC server. If a previous version of AirWatch Cloud Connector is installed, the installer auto-detects it. The installer then offers the option to update the AirWatch Cloud Connector automatically.

  3. Accept the license agreement, and then select Next.
  4. Select Change and select the installation directory. Select Next.
  5. Enter the Certificate Password that you provided on the System Settings page in Workspace ONE Express. Select Next.
  6. If you plan on routing ACC traffic through an outbound proxy, select the check box and provide proxy server information. Enter the User Name and Password credentials and then select Next.
  7. When the installation screen appears, select Install to begin the installation.
    The installer displays a check box for auto-updating AirWatch Cloud Connector.
  8. Select Finish.


By default, the AirWatch Cloud Connector auto-update check box is selected. It updates without any user intervention by querying Workspace ONE Express for newer versions of ACC.