After your devices are enrolled and configured, manage these devices using the Workspace ONE UEM console. The management tools and functions enable you to keep an eye on your devices and remotely perform administrative functions.

While you can manage all your devices from the Workspace ONE UEM, the reporting details and available actions for enrolled devices may vary based on your deployment type and device platform.

The Device Dashboard is a searchable, customizable view where you use to the filter and find specific devices. This feature makes it easier to perform administrative functions on a particular set of devices.

The Device List View displays all devices currently enrolled in your Workspace ONE UEM environment and their status. You can filter the list view specific to Linux and see how devices are being managed at a glance.

The Device Details page provides device-specific information such as hardware details, profiles, and network details. You can also perform remote actions on the device from the Device Details page that are platform-specific.

This guide takes you through some specifics related to the management of Linux devices. For further information on any of these functions, see Managing Devices in the Workspace ONE UEM Documentation.

For information about how VMware handles information collected through Linux Device Management, such as analytics, see VMware's Privacy Notices.