Advanced Remote Management (ARM) supports Windows Rugged and Android devices running the proper AirWatch Agent and Remote Management service.

ARM supports the following platforms.

  • Windows Mobile/CE running .NET 2.0+ with the AirWatch Agent v6.0.4 installed.
    • Advanced Remote Management for Windows Mobile devices is only intended to be used with Windows Mobile devices that are not being actively used by end users (for example, devices that are cradled or docked). When using advanced Remote Management with Windows Mobile devices, no device notification is provided when the remote management functionality is in use. You are solely responsible for notifying any device end users of your use of this remote management functionality.

  • Android devices with the AirWatch Agent v7.0 or later installed.
    • Samsung Knox Devices – ARM can access only the personal side of Knox Dual Persona Mode.
    • Android (previously known as Android Enterprise and Android for Work) – ARM can access only the Work Managed mode running on Android v6.0 (Marshmallow) or later.

You must also download the required Advanced Remote Management CAB or APK from the myAirWatch documentation repository.