Configure an Admin Repository to sync your network's existing corporate file servers with Workspace ONE UEM. After the sync, end users can access the Corporate File Server content from their devices.

To configure an Admin Repository:

  1. Navigate to Content > Repositories > Admin Repositories in the UEM console.

  2. Select Add.

  3. Configure the settings that appear:

    Setting Description
    Name Label the content directory.

    Select a Corporate File Server from the drop-down menu. For more information about available repository types by platform, see Support for Corporate File Servers.


    Provide the full path to the directory location rather than the root domain.

    Example: http://SharePoint/Corporate/Documents

    A URL copied directly from a web browser might not have permission to access a server for certain repository types. For more information, see Link Sharing Best Practices.

    Organization Group Assign Corporate File Server access to a selected group of users.
    Authentication Type


    Select the access level admins have to Corporate File Servers from the UEM console.

    • None – Prevent administrators from viewing and downloading Corporate File Server content from the UEM console.
    • User – Permit browsing of the repository file structure within the UEM console. Enter credentials into the Usernameand Password text boxes that appear.
    Access via Content Gateway

    Use the Content Gateway if the Workspace ONE UEM server’s domain cannot access the Corporate File Server. For a comprehensive list of Corporate File Server types that require the Content Gateway to function, see Support for Corporate File Servers.

    Content Gateway Identify the unique name of the appropriate Content Gateway node from the drop-down menu.
    Allow Inheritance Permit child organization groups to inherit the same access permissions as their parent organization group.
    Allow Write Permit end users to create and upload files and folders, edit documents, and check in or check out files to external repositories on their devices.
    Allow Delete Permits remote content delete for the Network Share repository. With this feature, the end user can delete their content permanently from the Network Share repository using the Content Locker.
  4. Select Test Connection to verify connectivity. A successful test result indicates the corporate file server integrated successfully.

  5. Enter the values in the remaining text boxes under the Security, Assignment, and Deployment tabs. Select Save.

Link Configuration Best Practices

This specific rule applies to SharePoint 2013, Office 365, and the later versions. Some URLs cannot be accessed using applications and services, and can only be accessed using a web browser. If a 'browser only' URL gets entered as the link when configuring Content Gateway, the connection fails.

To ensure that Content Gateway gets configured with the correct link, follow the procedure:

  1. Enter the URL in the browser.
  2. Navigate to PAGE > Edit Properties > View Properties.
  3. Right click and copy link address.
  4. Paste the address into the Link text box in the UEM console.