The Active Directory with LDAP authentication and VMware Enterprise Systems Connector provides the same functionality as traditional AD & LDAP authentication. This model functions across the cloud for Software as a Service (SaaS) deployments.


  • End users authenticate with existing corporate credentials.
  • Requires no firewall changes, as communication is initiated from the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector within your network.
  • Transmission of credentials is encrypted and secure.
  • Offers secure configuration to other infrastructure such as BES, Microsoft ADCS, SCEP, and SMTP servers.
  • Can be used for Workspace ONE ™ Direct Enrollment.


  • Requires VMware Enterprise Systems Connector to be installed behind the firewall or in a DMZ.
  • Requires extra configuration.

SaaS Deployment Model

AW SaaS Flow 01a

On-premises Deployment Model


For information about how to integrate your Workspace ONE UEM environment with these infrastructures, see VMware Enterprise Systems Connector Guide, available at

For more information, see Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment.