For deployments up to 50,000 devices, the Workspace ONE UEM API endpoint is installed on both the Console and Device Services servers, with the API Site URL pointing to the Console server by default. If you anticipate performing third-party API integrations in the future, or if you want to make this component publicly accessible, then you should configure the API Site URL to point instead to the Device Services server. For instructions on how to perform this best practice procedure, refer to the  Verify Correct Site URL Population procedure in the VMware AirWatch Installation Guide (VMware provides this documentation to you as part of the on-premises installation process), which includes this task as part of the post-installation process. Using the API endpoint on the Device Services server may increase the sizing requirements for the server. These requirements depend on how you use the APIs, with heavy use resulting in different sizing numbers. Since API use is situational, Workspace ONE UEM does not provide a standard recommendation for cases of heavy API use. Refer to the sizing disclaimers in the specific sections based on deployment size.

For existing installations, if the API component is already pointing to the Console and you change it to point to the Device Services server instead, you must re-install any Workspace ONE UEM products that use the API URL (for example, VMware Tunnel).

For deployments of up to 100,000 devices and higher, Workspace ONE UEM recommends a standalone API server, in which case you should change the Site URL to match your dedicated API server URL.