AirWatch Launcher is an app launcher that enables you to lock down Android devices for individual use cases and customize the look and behavior of managed Android devices. The AirWatch Launcher app replaces your device interface with one that is custom- tailored to your business needs.

The biggest advantage of AirWatch Launcher is that it can give administrators complete control over mobile use without using the OEM-specific MDM APIs.

Configuring Launcher settings in the VMware Workspace ONE UEM™ console tailors devices for deployment in any number of situations, such as:

  • Retail – Lock each device into a single app with no access to other features or settings. Customers can browse store products or place food orders without employee interaction.
  • Education – Load a single education or research app for students to use while in class. Students are unable to surf the Web or download more apps onto devices.
  • Healthcare – Loan out devices with whitelisted apps for patient-use, such as games and entertainment apps. Enable phone features and customize an address book with important hospital contact information.