Search the Google Play Store directly from the Workspace ONE UEM console to add apps to the Android integration.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Public > Add Application.
  2. Select Android from the Platform drop-down menu.
  3. Select Search App Store from the Source field.
  4. Select Next or enter the Name of the applications you want to add to the integration. The Google Play Store will open directly from the Workspace ONE UEM console .
  5. Find desired apps by using the Search field or browsing through the apps section.
  6. Select Approve. Be sure to view the permissions for the applications and follow the prompts to confirm approval.


    If an application is updated, ensure it does not need to get reapproved in the Google Play Store.

  1. Configure options on the Details tab.

    Setting Description
    Name View the name of the application.
    View in App Store View the store record for the application where you can download it and get information about it.

    Use categories to identify the use of the application.

    You can configure custom application categories or keep the application's pre-coded category.

    Supported Models Select all the device models that you want to run this application.

    Is App Restricted to Silent Install


    Assign this application to those Android devices that support the Android silent uninstallation feature.

    Workspace ONE UEM cannot silently install or uninstall public applications. However, you can control what applications you push to your Android standard devices or your Android enterprise devices. Android enterprise devices support silent activity.

    Managed By View the organization group (OG) that the application belongs to in your Workspace ONE UEM OG hierarchy.
  2. Assign a Required Terms of Use for the application on the Terms of Use tab. This setting is optional.

    Terms of use state specifically how to use the application. They make expectations clear to end users. When the application pushes to devices, users view the terms of use page that they must accept to use the application. If users do not accept the terms of use, they cannot access the application.

  3. Select the SDK tab and assign the default or custom SDK Profile and an Application Profile to the application. SDK profiles apply advanced application management features to applications.
  4. Select Save & Assign to configure flexible deployment options for the application.

Check to make sure the application has been imported after approval. The console will direct you to the next step to designate assignment groups.