Use the Remote View session to easily assist the troubleshooting issues by viewing an end user's device from the UEM console.

  1. Navigate to Devices > List View > Select Device > More Actions > Support > Start Remote View. The Remote Support window appears.

    Remote support

  2. In the Remote Support window, select Launch Session after the connection process completes.


    The connection process involves Checking Device Registration, Queuing Remote Management Command, and Creating Remote Management Session.

    RV session progress

    • The UEM console displays a four-digit PIN which you must direct the customer to enter into their device. This action provides customer authorization to manage their device remotely.

      Once the connection is made, the remote management client opens and the device is ready for use.

    • Select Cancel, if required to end the session.

    Currently, the end user receives a notification within the AirWatch Agent. The end user must accept a prompt requesting them to display their screen. Then, the mirrored screen appears on the partner system console.