Administrator Accounts enable you to maintain Mobile Device Management (MDM) settings, push, or revoke features and content, and much more from the Unified Endpoint Management Console.

Also, a Temporary Admin Account enables a remote assistance feature within the Unified Endpoint Management Console. These Temporary Admin Accounts, which have a configurable expiration, can be used to access areas normally reserved for permanent admin account-holders.

Create an Admin Account

You can create as many administrator accounts, each with a unique set of permissions or roles, that you may need to manage your device fleet. For more information, see Create an Admin Account.

Create a Temporary Admin Account

Because of their configurable expiration date, temporary admin accounts are ideal for recruiting help from the larger group of users for troubleshooting, testing, and training exercises. For more information, see Create a Temporary Admin Account.

Add, Edit, and Delete Admin Accounts

As the number of administrator accounts expand, you can perform housekeeping duties to reassign permissions or roles, reset a password, or deactivate and delete admin accounts. For more information, see Managing Admin Accounts.