The Main Menu allows you to navigate to all the features available to your role and Mobile Device Management (MDM) deployment.

Getting Started Ensure that all aspects of a basic successful deployment are established. Getting Started is organized to reflect only those modules within a Workspace ONE ™ Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) console deployment that you are interested in. Getting Started produces an on-boarding experience that is more tailored to your actual configuration.

View and manage MDM information that drives decisions you must make and access a quick overview of your device fleet. View information such as the most blacklisted apps that violate compliance. Track module licenses with the Admin Panel Dashboard and monitor all devices that are currently out of compliance. Select and run Industry Templates to streamline the onboarding process with industry-specific apps and policies for your iOS devices.


Access an overview of common aspects of devices in your fleet, including compliance status, ownership type breakdown, last seen, platform type, and enrollment type. Swap views according to your own preferences including full Dashboard, list view, and detail view. Access additional tabs, including all current profiles, enrollment status, Notification, Wipe Protection settings, compliance policies, certificates, product provisioning, and printer management.


Survey and manage users and administrators involved with your MDM deployment. Access and manage user groups, roles, batch status, and settings associated with your users. Also, access and manage admin groups, roles, system activity, and settings associated with your administrators.

Apps & Books

Access and manage the app catalog, book catalog, and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) orders. Also view application analytics and logs with application settings, including app categories, smart groups, app groups, featured apps, Geofencing, and profiles associated with apps.


Access detailed overview of content use including storage history trends, user and content status, engagement, and user breakdown. Manage and upload content available to users and devices. Also, access batch import status, content categories, content repositories, user storage, VMware Content Locker homescreen configuration, and all other content-specific settings.


Access detailed overview of email information related to your deployment. Such information includes email management status, managed devices, email policy violations, deployment type, and time last seen.


Access detailed overview of telecom-enabled devices including use history, plan use, and roaming data. View and manage telecom use and track roaming, including call, Short Message Service (SMS), and content settings.

Groups & Settings

Manage structures, types and statuses related to organization groups, smart groups, app groups, user groups, and Admin Groups. Configure entire system settings or access settings related to all Main Menu options.