Admin groups enable you to assemble subsets of administrator accounts for assigning roles and permissions beyond the permissions that come from having an admin account.

Admin groups can be used to assign roles and permissions granting access to the console that is specific to a special project.

You can add your existing directory service administrators into admin groups or create admin groups from scratch using custom queries.

For example, if you have a new business directive, you may need to assign special admin access to a group of training facilitators. You might create an admin group, run a custom query for training facilitators, and assign a role that is specific to the new business effort. For more information, see Admin Accounts.

Add Admin Groups from Admin Groups List View

Create an admin group of your own by navigating to the Admin Groups List View ( Accounts > Administrators > Admin Groups) and selecting the Add Admin Group button. The Admin Group List View also lets you view and edit admin group settings. For more information, see Admin Groups List View and Add Admin Groups.