The settings on this page can only be configured at the Global level.

The Console Security – General settings page lets you enforce some additional security surrounding logins to your Workspace ONE UEM console environment. When the number of failed logins exceeds a specific amount, you can enforce High Alert Mode. This mode displays a captcha for any administrators attempting to log in for a set duration of time.

Strict Mode

Setting Description
Strict Mode Active Select this option to enforce High Alert mode with preset parameters.

High Alert Mode

Setting Description
Active Select this option to enable High Alert Mode when the following parameters are met.
Allowed Failed Logins Enter the number of allowed failed login attempts. Any failed attempts exceeding this number triggers Captcha authentication.
Duration (mins) Enter the amount of time in minutes that the Captcha authentication system is enforced.

Captcha Settings

Setting Description
Captcha Enabled Select this option to enable the Captcha authentication safeguard mechanism. Please be aware that disabling Captcha may weaken the overall security. You are accepting the potential risks if you disable the Captcha.