Certain platforms have additional device management capabilities that you can harness as part of your deployment. Reference the topics in this section to learn more.

Remote Actions

See a listing of every remote action you can make on each specific device platform. For more information, see Device Actions by Platform.

Android and Android for Work Device Management

Android Devices

Enable AirWatch Cloud Messaging (AWCM) as a comprehensive replacement for Google Cloud Messaging for the Android devices in your fleet. You can also enable File Manager for those AWCM devices. For more information, see AirWatch Cloud Messaging and Implement File Manager for AWCM Devices.

Remote Control eliminates the need to communicate device issues through email or phone calls. Once configured, administrators can troubleshoot issues with Android devices. For more information, see Configure Remote Control for Android Devices.

Android for Work Devices

Manage the settings for Android for Work devices using the Workspace ONE UEM console, including the ability to perform one-time commands including Lock Device, Device Wipe, and Enterprise Wipe. For more information, see Device Management Commands (Android for Work).

There are profiles features (and restrictions) specific to Android for Work devices. For more information, see Specific Profiles Features for Android for Work and Specific Restrictions for Android for Work.

iOS and macOS Device Management

You can install custom fonts for macOS and iOS devices by using the UEM console settings. You can also set up a macOS device as a kiosk, using corporate applications for in-store functionality. Also available is the ability to mirror screens with Apple AirPlay. For more information, see Custom Fonts for macOS Devices, Kiosks for macOS Devices, and Mirror Screens with Apple AirPlay on macOS Devices.

Samsung Knox and Containerization

Samsung Knox is a feature that enables you to use your phone as an enterprise and personal device, by using an enterprise container. Once a container passcode is set, you have the ability to clear or change the passcode from the UEM console's Device Details View. You can also gain access to detailed audit logs, which are useful for troubleshooting purposes. For more information, see Knox Management Overview.