Remote Management allows root control over the file system of a device. Use this access to provide better remote support and troubleshooting assistance on corporate and multi-user devices.


  • AirWatch Agent 2.2+ installed on the client computer.
  • The latest version of Java installed on the admin computer to run the remote management applet.

Supported browsers include: Latest stable builds of Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Consider using a browser other than Chrome due to the limited functionality of Java within its security settings.


Consider configuring these settings in the Global organization group (OG). Child OGs inherit the settings configured at the Global OG. To configure Remote Management.

To configure Remote Management.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Device Settings > Apple > Apple macOS > Agent Settings.
  2. Under the Remote Management section, configure the following settings.

    Setting Description
    Seek Permission

    Accept/decline the remote management request from the admin.

    • Enter a Seek Permission Message that the end user sees when a remote request is sent.
    • Enter the Yes Caption message for the accept button the end user sees on the Seek Permission request.
    • Enter the No Caption message for the decline button the end user sees on the Seek Permission request.
    Advanced Choose extra configuration options.
    Remote Management Port

    Enter the port used to communicate between the Remote Management Agent and the Tunnel Agent on the end-user device.

    This port is responsible for catching the different frames on the device for use with the screen sharing feature. The default port is 7775. Consider leaving the default setting unless port 7775 is in use for other uses in your organization.

    Max Sessions Enter the maximum number of concurrent sessions allowed on a device.
    Number of Retries Choose the number of retries allowed before communication stops.
    Retry Frequency (Seconds) The amount of time between attempts to communicate.
    Heart Beat Interval (Seconds) The amount of time (in seconds) that passes between status updates are sent from the device.
    Connection Loss Retry Frequency (Seconds) The amount of time (in seconds) that passes between attempts to reestablish a connection.
  3. Select Save.