Display events and data-use-information for applications that use SDK functionality. Workspace ONE UEM reports event analytics by the application ID and event name and data-use analytics by device.

Event Analytics

These events are custom created and developers can code any process or behavior they want to track.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Logging > SDK Analytics.
  2. View events for SDK applications and retrieve data including application ID, the device on which it happened, and the event name.

Access SDK Event Analytics for a Specific Application

Export analytics data for your Apple iOS applications built using the SDK or using SDK functionality.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > List View > Internal.
  2. Select the SDK application and view the Details View.
  3. Choose View > Analytics from the actions menu.

Data Usage Analytics

These events are embedded in the PLIST file for the Apple iOS application by the developer. They track telecom use for SDK developed applications.

  1. Navigate to Telecom > List View.
  2. Select devices that have the application installed and navigate to the Details View.
  3. View data for the SDK application on the Telecom tab and use the Export option to retrieve a CSV version of the data.

For more topics about the management of applications in Workspace ONE UEM, see Manage Applications Overview.

For information on enabling analytics for the default SDK profile, see Configure Analytics for the Default SDK Profile.