Application categories help organize your applications and help device users find applications easier.

Apps Have Pre-Coded Categories

You do not have to create your own categories. Workspace ONE UEM installs applications and books with their native, pre-coded categories so that you can use them to organize content immediately and apply filters to them.

Uses for Custom Categories

However, if you want to customize categories, you can group applications in numerous ways. Two suggestions are to create categories based on the actual names of the business units or to create categories based on the needs of those units.

  • Organization units – Make categories that match business units like IT, Accounting, Sales, Professional Services, and Human Resources. For example, you can apply categories to applications and books and filter them so that only Sales content displays on the app or book page.
  • Organization needs – Make categories that match business needs like Security, Communication, Travel, Medical, and Education. You can filter applications and books to display security content and ensure that the latest version is deployed.

Add Custom Application Categories

When you add a new internal or public application or book, the system applies the category that best matches based on meta data from the developer or the app store. You can override this initial assignment and apply your own custom categories. Follow the listed steps to add custom categories.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Applications Settings > App Categories.
  2. Select Add Category.
  3. Provide the Category Name and Category Description and save the settings.

Apply categories to internal and public applications when you upload them. For steps on how to add internal and public applications see Internal Applications Overview and Public Applications Overview.