Workspace ONE UEM supports various application tunneling (app tunneling) solutions that helps individual applications to authenticate and securely communicate with internal back-end resources. By enabling an app tunnel for a specific set of business applications, you can secure you network from unauthorized or malicious applications.

Workspace ONE UEM supports several app tunnel features. Review the menu items and see if you can use them to increase security when users access applications.

App Tunnel


Standard Proxy Enables devices to rely on an existing HTTP or SSL Proxy to determine which content the VMware Browser or other browser accesses.
VMware Tunnel

Accesses corporate content from within your network such as an intranet site. With the VMware Tunnel enabled, you can access the internal corporate content on devices.

F5 Proxy

Accesses your internal network as an alternative to the VMware Tunnel.

Conventional Technology Vulnerabilities

From a security standpoint, app tunneling solutions are more secure than conventional technologies such as SSL VPNs. Conventional technologies allow devices to gain full access to enterprise resources regardless of whether resources are accessed within a business, personal, or malicious application. Full device connectivity through VPN or Wi-Fi carries the risk of data loss, because sensitive data is collected in personal applications and potentially distributed. Also, these conventional technologies put IT at the mercy of end users who might unknowingly have malicious applications on their devices.

VMware Tunnel and F5

The VMware Tunnel and F5 APM serve as relays between your mobile devices and enterprise systems. They authenticate and encrypt traffic from individual applications on compliant devices to the back-end system they are trying to reach.

The F5 APM relay lets you access internal websites and Web apps through the VMware Browser. It also helps access to enterprise systems from your business applications that are wrapped with the AirWatch App Wrapping engine.

For more topics about Tunnel, see Introduction to VMware Tunnel.

For information on configuring the Tunnel setting, see Configure App Tunnel for SDK Profile.