Use the App Removal Log page to continue to hold application removal commands, dismiss commands, or release the commands to devices.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Application Settings > App Removal Log.
  2. Filter, sort, or browse to select data.

    • Filter results by Command Status list applications.
    • Sort by Bundle ID to select data.
    • Select an application.
    • You can select the Impacted Device Count link to browse the list of devices affected by actions. This action displays the App Removal Log Devices page that lists the device name of the devices. You can use the device name to navigate to the devices' Details View.
  3. Select Release or Dismiss.

    • The Release option sends the commands to devices and the system removes the internal application off devices.

    • The Dismiss option purges the removal commands from the queue and the system does not remove the internal application off devices.
  4. For dismissed commands, return to the internal applications area of the console and check the smart group assignments of the application for which you dismissed commands. Ensure that the internal application's smart group assignments are still valid.

    If the smart group assignment is invalid and you do not check it, the system might remove the application when the device checks-in with the system.

For the steps to edit threshold values for app removal protection, see Configure Threshold Values for Application Removal Protection.