AirWatch macOS Agent

Once installed on a macOS device, the AirWatch Agent provides quick access to MDM settings and features you can use to manage your devices.

With the AirWatch Agent, you can perform key device actions:

  • Sync Now - Sync the device with the UEM console
  • View Enrollment, Connection, and Sync status
  • View Preferences
  • Uninstall the AirWatch Agent
  • View information about the AirWatch Agent

The top line of the menu bar animates when actions are executed, including when products are executed, when the Sync Now option is initiated, when data is transmitting, when the disk is encrypting or decrypting, and when the Passcode policy needs updating.

The AirWatch Agent Preferences includes settings and information broken out into four tabs:

  • Status – Snapshot of device and Workspace ONE UEM information.
    • Enrollment Overview – Current enrollment status, Server URL and option to verify enrollment.
    • Device Information – Computer name, model, version, serial number, encryption status, processor, memory, graphics and UUID.
    • Connectivity Status – Internet connection status, network information and option to test connectivity.
    • Diagnostics – Send data to the MDM server, sync with the MDM server, view agent logs, and send logs to Workspace ONE UEM Administrator.
  • Settings – View MDM-related restrictions. Select the lock icon to make any changes. Changes to restrictions and check-in intervals require the Admin passcode to unlock the settings. Upgrade notifications can be changed even if the Settings are locked.
  • Messages – View and edit notifications and messages in the Message Center.
  • Activity – Select View Log File to view real-time Activity logs, and Send Log to Workspace ONE UEM Administrator.