This section contains topics covering the different Workspace ONE UEM components and overall on-premises architecture.


On-Premises Architecture

This section contains useful topics about deploying and managing an on-premises Workspace ONE UEM deployment. SaaS customers can also find useful topics on maintaining some of their on-premises Workspace ONE UEM components, such as the Enterprise Systems Connector, SEG, and VMware Tunnel.

VMware Enterprise Systems Connector

Install the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector, which is a critical component that lets Workspace ONE UEM communicate with your backend systems, including directory services.

AirWatch Cloud Messaging

On-premises customers can find more information about installing AWCM in this section. (For SaaS customers, AWCM is automatically configured for their environment.)

AirWatch Secure Email Gateway

Deploy the AirWatch SEG to enable policy creation that determines how end users access email on their devices.

AirWatch Email Notification Service

If using Exchange for your email deployment, the AirWatch ENS ensures near real-time inbox notifications for end users.

VMware Tunnel

Install the VMware Tunnel component alongside the VMware Tunnel mobile app to enable per-app VPN for managed public and internal applications.

AirWatch Content Gateway, RFS, and CRE

Install the AirWatch Content Gateway to provide end users with secure access to your organization's content repositories.